This past summer for the first time, I embarked (was pushed by a friend) into the online dating world. She set up a profile for me with a couple of pictures, some information about myself and what I was looking for and posted it.

The emails were almost instantaneous! I had the usual types of emails from the very disgusting, to those who didn’t both to read my profile to find out what I was attracted to, to the seemingly genuine.

Of course I made a couple of mistakes along the way, accepting dates that I didn’t want to go on, attempting to council these duds into normalcy – that never works – and accepting dates from guys who still live with their parents – Not acceptable!

I did learn a few things that I would suggest you figure out before you enter this bizarre world:

1. Write down exactly what your looking for – don’t be afraid to be strong willed about it 2. Set the criteria for emails that your willing to accept from specific users
3. Don’t respond to emails from people who clearly haven’t read your profile
4. Don’t be overly nice – tell them your not interested asap
5. If you have minimum height or size requirements (Not 5’3 and built like a rake) stick to them because your not going to be happy no matter how “great” their personality is

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